Ok, maybe they were targeted purposefully. OR, maybe they forgot that they are located in the middle of an ACTIVE war zone and that stray bullets DO happen in the middle of a WAR. Personally, I can’t help but to get the feeling that this is a stunt for more readership…. 

Well, the delivery crew has finished their work for the day, and the rest of us are finally having a little break before a few hours of sleep, then back to it. So, that means that we will be surfing the web for a while, which MUST mean that it is time for Disclosure After Dark! Stay with us, because its coming at ya just a few! Also, keep an eye on our social network posts tomorrow for continued updates on the delivery process! 

The rest of SALINE COUNTY vendors have been delivered, including CARRIER MILLS and GALATIA ROC One-Stop, where there are several specials going on, including as most locations a 50 cents off the purchase of two packs of cigarettes deal…AND…there are some hella good-looking donuts at Galatia…just saying. Anyway, that wraps deliveries for tonight…NORTH COUNTIES tomorrow…be watching for updates; PRINT HEADLINES tomorrow night!!